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Thank God for Barbara Markessinis! After an exhaustive search, I found this delightful, caring, bright, compassionate attorney. My father and I were not looking forward to the process of completing his eldercare documents. So many attorneys want to put your unique situation into a box, and you are just a number... a dollar sign. 

With Barbara, she is an educator, and has a heart of gold. You aren't just a number, you're a special, unique family needing her assistance. She CARES to make sure you are protected properly and effectively. She does all she can to avoid having the immense hassle of going through probate. She is ethical and crosses her t's and dots her i's. 

Barbara cares to stay up to date with the latest in eldercare law. If she is unsure of something, she will do the research, so you are sure to have the correct answer. She is flexible, personable, patient, and darn...., we just think sh'es TERRIFIC! If you want to get the job done thoroughly with someone who cares about you and your loved ones like her own, you've found you're attorney.